National Novel Writing Month

In other words: Nanowrimo


It’s a contest that pushes participates to write 50,000 words (equivalent to about 175 pgs) from Nov 1st to midnight Nov 30th. It’s bum rushing non-stopping caffeine-fueled spree in which writers dive into abandoning any thought or care of revising or editing or looking back or what so ever. It’s just crazy writing. It’s just getting your ideas down on paper…

 I tried to do it last year but I failed. And this year, I don’t have time to do it…


It’s too late for those who want to participate now… (I should have posted this sooner, silly me) I’m already registered to participate but those interested can just sign up now for  next year. The website is on all year around and maybe those who need a little push for that book idea that sitting in the back their mind may find this useful.

I think I’m going to try… I don’t like to say no. So yes, so you know. I’m also going to put up the website link on the sidebar here so you can check it out for whoever is interested.

I wish good luck to all those participants and to myself…. so off I go!!!

*runs off to scavenge for paper*


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