Planned visit to the Ai of York

I’m planning a trip to the Art Institute of York in Pennsylvania!

In my life, I have battled with two things: Art and Literature. To be a teacher, to be an artist.

I’m convinced I’d do both! But which one first? I was originally planning that after I get my associates in Computer programming, I’d get into East Stroughsburg to study teaching and minor in Fine Arts… but if I enter Ai I’d be studying exclusively to become an artist… My sister told me to forget about teaching and just concentrate on becoming a published author and an artist… that sound ideal… But for some reason I just can’t let go of the prospect of becoming a teacher… and also my mother would be kind of upset if she found out that I threw away teaching for something so unstable as a writing career…

I think that’s my problem… I’m trying to grasp to many things at one… and I’m always wrestling with my self… man, it sucks sometimes. But I’m looking forward to this trip. I’m going to get a one-on-one tour of the campus and hopefully I’ll become oriented on my career path… hopefully.

Now that I think about it, I should take pictures….


4 thoughts on “Planned visit to the Ai of York

  1. Yup, why not do both? Be a teacher, but see to it that you can find time for your art. My bestfriend became an executive secretary in one of the biggest company here in our country, but she still finds time for her first love, which is writing. And I think it also helps her a lot to fight stress caused by her job.

    I hope you can do both. Aw, I wish I can also draw like you, I’m a frustrated artist… I don’t know how to draw! Hahaha! I think that’s why I like doing cross-stitch, because when I finished it, I imagine it’s a painting done by me. Hahaha! Yup! I like to dream!

  2. Thanks for the tip, you really think I draw well? I’m glad you think so. I just feel I have a lot to go. They say that’s the plague of an artist: they never think that they’re good enough… I’m going to try both. I’m hoping the trip will give me some ideas on how to go about it. Well I’ll see out that works out.

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