Bleach Movie: Fade to Black

I can’t exactly tell you how long I’ve been waiting to watch this movie…it’s been a lonnng time… but I finally got around to watch it last weekend.


Basically the movie starts off with Mayuri Kurotsuchi going coo-coo in his lab destroying everything around him after being slashed by a mysterious attacker. The lab goes out of control and the strange substance taking in the form of snakes attacks and destroys one-third of the Seireitei. Rukia during that time was running about with a letter she happened to come across, when faced with the same attacker which then slashed her and erased her existence. Nobody remembers her, and she barely remembers anything or anyone. It turns out that the two attackers where children that Rukia met years ago before she became a shinigami. Two nameless children (siblings, boy and girl)  that she took in and gave them names. Unfortunately with the attack that the boy gave her with the strange unusual scythe he carries, he erased that part of her memory as well… And the  movie shots off from there.

 Okay, my two cents in this…. it was entertaining. I liked how interactive Kon was in this movie given that he gets little to almost no screen time in the actual anime. My favorite part must be, it has to be, it always will be that flash back with Byakuya and Hisana. Ooooh I wished it lasted a little bit longer! It’s such a tease! *cries*


Towards the end there was a lot of fighting and another part that I liked was to see people like Ukitake and Shunsui take the front line in battle. I always enjoy seeing them both call out their shikai, when they call it out, it sounds almost poetic. Then there was Urahara, with Mayuri out of commission, he takes his place as a temporary 12th captain. It doesn’t make too much sense if you asked me since he was banned from Soul Society in the first place. But I don’t really care actually and I know that it was really done as a kind of fan-service to the fans. He dished out a couple of moves here and there and it was really nice to see since he rarely hits the battlefield.

All and all, I’d give the movie a 8/10. Over all it’s good and does pleased the Ichi/Ruki fans (such as my self XP) a bit I won’t say too much though. The action was good and the fight between Ichigo and Rukia was pretty sweet. A friend told me that you can play Dark Rukia in one of the video games… hmm… I wonder which one?


5 thoughts on “Bleach Movie: Fade to Black

  1. Wow! I saw that one at Anime Season but haven’t had time to watch it yet. I like the pic you included in the post, is that Byakuya and his sweetheart? Darn, I’m feeling jealous!

    • is that Byakuya and his sweetheart? Darn, I’m feeling jealous

      Yes, it is! *squeals* He looks so beautiful!!! Ah I feel the same way *laughs* that part was just icing on the cake for me…

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