So spineless

My sister pissed me off this morning so, I supposed you can say I feel kinda crappy… it’s actually over a pointless thing, so it’s not really worth blabbing about it here…

I guess the point that I’m trying to make is, why are there people who live off others? Why are they numb to the feelings of others? They think about themselves first other others… does she think that way because she’s the youngest? I mean seriously… at times like these, I can feel her words step over me like road kill…

How can she be so heartless… and it’s really nothing serious, but it’s just ugh! I feel so crappy…

Well, I’ve decided to not let it urk me… but just to let it fly by. She knows I suppose but I just can’t blow it up and make it such a big deal because it isn’t. I just have to prove her wrong in my own way and not let her take so much advantage of me… I often act on the belief that as much consideration I give to others they would give the same to me. I often become so spineless. I just have to be a little selfish sometimes I suppose.


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