I’m putting too much on my Plate

I’m posting by bulk aren’t I?  Third post of the day last one I believe…

I’m in the process of revising some of my old fanfics that I have up on FFnet and I’m often tormented with the thought of typing up some other unfinished fics… but the thing is I’m worried that if I do so, then, I’ll have more on my plate…

So I’m wondering should I do it or not?

There is a gintama one, a naruto and two bleach fics: Ichi/Ruki and Ulqui/Ruki… and then there’s the Samurai Naruto one that I want to start rolling along…. ahhh… so many and just two little hands to write them all….

After talking to my friend, I’ve started considering on working somewhere in the field of animation… but idk… I’m still thinking about desk top publishing… hm… decisions… reasearch… but I always wanted to be a teacher as well…. uh…. and I’d like to take art classes to improve because practicing by myself as I have done all these years is so tough… but it’s possible… I know people who became amazing artists and are self-taught… but money…. job…. ehh….. so many things…. just one little life…

Should I write posts about how to write stories, fanfics and such? I was contemplating the possibility, I’m not expert on the subject or anything but I love sharing what I know and have discussions on the subject… I learn more about it that way and it’s fun, I believe…

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