Oh God it’s coming…

Muhahahahha! It’s growing yes!


I’ve spent all day working on this blog, and I’m really excited I want to keep adding more to it. But it needs some of my artwork on the other pages. I’ll see if I get around to it soon enough.

Changing the subject, oh my goodness! Naruto Shippuden is getting good! So wonderfully good!  I love the new opening and the ending is awesome too…. *squee*

I’m looking forward to Sasuke vs. Itachi! It looks so epic. I’d have to say that was one of the most shocking turnovers in the Naruto manga. I know that they will do their best to convey those instense moments and intergrate them into the anime… speaking of which seeing  Jiraya all over the place… uh… boy… yeah… I can already feel those tear jerking episodes looming over the horizon… the in-coming pressure is enough to crush me… They did it with Asuma-sensei… I can safely assume that they’ll triple triple it this time around…

The Toad Sage

The Toad Sage

Pein is filled with awesome… He’s the bad guy yes, he’s got a twisted philosophy yes, yes I know… but for some reason, he’s just the coolest thing this time around… and ya know, I bet they won’t do much mourning after he’s gone… they did’nt for Deidara or for Sasori… (but that’s because they’re the bad guys—I know, I know)  I’m weird I get ticked at the littlest things that others don’t get bothered with.

Speaking of Sasori—I’m sooooo happy I saw him! Yay! In that festival scene with Sakura and Naruto. He had a glorious 3 seconds when he walked and looked over at them *sighs* But well doesn’t all that give a hint to the grim future of the Toad Sage?!  I know what happens but I just zip my lips as my sister innocently watches on… completely unaware of what is to come…

Don, DOn DON!!!



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