Under Construction

Oh my gosh, I have no life!


Actually, I do, I just squander it away at the little stuff. For the last several days I’ve spent exploring this site… it’s really amazing really. After switching several layouts, I’ve decided to stay with this one. And I had a feeling too, because, lately I’ve become attracted to dark layouts. My MySpace (which I never use) is dark, so is my LiveJournal… etc, etc. 

But I suppose you have to embrace what you are and what you like. I’ve filled my side panel with widgets and it looks cute. The box.net at the bottom has a poem I wrote… but now that I’m writing this and thinking… it might not be a good idea… oh well. I’m just going to leave it there for now. I feel that I might make good use of that widget in the future.

I put several more links of my fave websites to check out and also for myself as easier way to go someplace without having to open a new tab or window…

All of my posts are so freakin long! Man, it’s annoying… it takes me several hours a day to finish one to post… I have several topics to explore like; Pandora Hearts, My top ten Bleach Characters, Anime music… stuff like that… yeah… I know all I’ve been posting about is anime… but right now that’s my obsession. Art, Music, Anime, and Writing. The four major planets that revolve around my lifestyle…

I also want to work on pages to add to this blog… one about Momo and… uhh… yeah… it’s in my head but I can’t put it into concrete ideas yet. 


4 thoughts on “Under Construction

  1. I’m thinking the same thing. Lately all I do is write on my blog, and as I was looking at my posts, I realized that my posts are soooo long!

    But really, I have to get a life, otherwise I wouldn’t have anything to write about! I don’t write fanfic, so I rely on my non-existent powers of observation to write things that happen around me. What’s the use of having an online diary if we don’t have exciting things to write about, right?

    • Well, it depends on how you write. A writer can make the most plainest and the most ordinary things sound interesting. It’s all on how you write it, I guess. Cuz trust me, there are blogs I read that are really good and they really don’t have anything extraordinary

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