My Top Ten Bleach Characters

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Bleach Characters

I usually don’t even put my favorites in any anime in order because I feel that my favoritism for them is comparable to different shapes instead of different sizes. But even so I sat down and racked my brain in picking out who I’d favor the most by checking my self on how many times I’ve talked about him/her, how many times I’ve thought out fanfics in them… and things of that nature.

And so without further adieu, here’s my top ten Bleach characters:

Number 10: Schiffer Ulquiorra, Jaegerjaquez Grimmjow

Ulquiorra’s character design is incredibly unique. What captured me the most was the green color of the vivid emerald that bleeds down his face. His stoic exterior as well as his representation of death (nihilism) is what makes him an all around incredible character. He stands out of all the members of the espada with his resurrección form. And in the manga it’s mentioned that he carries an aura of sorrow around him: “El que llora” (“He who cries”) they say that’s where he got his name. I’d have to say, Kubo-sensei is very creative.

grimmy boy


Grimmjow J. was tied into this place because there was no way that I could leave him out. My first impression of him was of a “greaser” from S. E. Hinton’s book, “The Outsiders”.

But, he’s proved to be wayyy more interesting. He has this air of rebellious rule, his desire to be “king”, the strongest of them all. His resurrección is also impressive, transforming into a panther-like form. And it’s just this mental image I have of him with his hands stuffed in his pockets, back hunched, scowl on his face, muttering obscenities under his breath that makes me laugh sometimes. The most captivating feature he has—has to be those clear cerulean eyes. As an artist, I’ve always loved that color—concentrated, intense and beautifully profound… It seems to convey that his character has incredible depth.

These are the only tow espada memebers on my top ten, but my other favorites that couldn’t make the list are, Nnorita, Nell, Stark, and Halibel. So now we move on to…

Number 9: Hirako Shinji

Hirako Shinji

Hirako Shinji

The undeclared leader of the Vizards. At first, I thought he was some weird character that appeared to come from some filler. But he’s really cool and now I like him a lot. His style and the way he has of carrying himself is jazzy and has that classy down-to-earth swing. His smile, he makes it work for him and I totally dig his tongue ring!

In the bleach art book “All Color but the Black” Kubo-sensei mentions that he originally intended to include him in the first season of bleach! So he’s really a character that’s been waiting to make his first appearance! That makes me wonder, what other characters Kubo-sensei has up his sleeve?

Other vizards I like but couldn’t make the list: Sarugaki Hiyori and Muguruma Kensei

Number 8: Abarai Renji



It’s a darn shame! A darn shame that Renji is down so low and not in the top five! But so many characters so hard to choose…

Abarai Renji is not exactly the pretty-boy type but rather the sexy bad boy. But then he has those hilarious goof-ups especially around Byakuya. He’s an awesome character with a lot of determination and colors. His relationship with Rukia as childhood friends is precious. My favorite battles had to be when he faced off Ichigo in the first arc. He’s a very expressive and filled with life as well as add interest whenever he enters into a scene. He’s also fun to write out stories and dialogue. I only drew him once and he come out very childish. *laughs* Renji’s awesome and I hope to see him pull off some new moves in the battles to come.

Number 7: Urahara Kisuke

Hat and Clogs, Shady merchant, Previous 12th Captain and my personal name for him—Slipper-hat; Urahara goes by many names and aliases. He’s generally a fun-loving character. He always puts a smile on my face whenever he appears in the scene with his sly smile and his “welcome!”. His store employees are just as interesting and cute: Ururu and Jinta and the eccentric behavior of Tessai is just hilarious. Urahara adds an interesting twist to the anime and is constantly holding back a thing or two. What I love about him is his fan and the generally playful personality. What peaked my interested further was that his zanpakutou is female: Benihmie. Now with this filler arc, I’d love to see how she looks like.



Number 6: Ishida Uryuu and Yamada Hanataro

Ishida cover


Ishida is really cool and he’s made me laugh tremendously whenever he enters those moments of sewing ecstasy. When bleach first started he became such an important character, but as Gotei 13 was introduced and Ichigo’s abilities improved, he wheedled down and joined the ranks with Chad and Orihime… aw… but I’ve always had a spot for him ya know?  He’s come around since then and I remember seeing him during the lust chapters with Ichigo fighting Ulquiorra. Seriously, he’s so cool. It’s sad that he’s over shadowed and even forgotten sometimes…



Then there’s the one who’s used to being forgotten and over shadowed: Hanataro. But you know because of that he really isn’t, I’ve seen plenty of fans of him about the web. I reallly really like him I find him as cute as a pikachu (idk, it’s weird but that’s my best comparison) you just wanna give him a hug. The japanese seiryuu that plays his voice is just perfect… He’s just so adorable, there’s no other words to describe him… seriously. He’s so clumbsy but good-hearted and seeing his slip ups often reminds me of myself. I have a very caring side and I’m often seen as unexperienced in life or naive… oh well.

Number 5: Hitsugaya Toushirou

Seriously at first I wasn’t going to like him much because he became so popular when the anime first came out just because he has an “ice dragon” whooooooo oh nice…. whatever… I found it kind of cliche to tell you the truth… I mean think about it, how many anime characters that use dragons or are represented by dragons to base their popularity with… plus I have a dragon-obssessed cousin… it was enough to make me scoff and toss my head away… but that’s just it, that’s what gets you. The youngest captain. The prodigy. The strongest ice zanpakutou. White hair. The mystery. The serious nature. I was bound to become interested in him soon or later … and unlike Sasuke whose more emotional than an aging women with hot flashes, Hitsugaya is very stable, having moments when he gets carried way with his feelings but other times when he’s stern and obeys orders regardless of his personal opinions. Hitsuguya’s cool in my book. He always will be…



Number 4: Ichimaru Gin

gin comic
I know people where like “Whaaaa? you like this guy?!” Yes, I do. I love it, I love him… I mean come on, he looks like a fox! Why you think Naruto’s so cool? *laughs* Well I suppose that’s not the reason but…. yeah, *sweats nervously* If Aizen steps down his almighty throne of evil, Gin would the next one right after, I’d say. But there are things about him that don’t make him a complete bad guy. I guess what intrigues me is the creepy atmosphere that he creates when he’s around. Behind the mask of that smile there’s something really dark hiding behind it something nasty. And it’s that mystery that makes me cling on to him. And the manga is getting realllllll close to unfolding a match between him and somebody… and finally…. FINALLY I’ll be able to learn more about him… ^_^”

Number 3: Kuchiki Rukia

Rukia dressed
One of my favorite heroines of anime in general is Rukia. One, because she breaks the stereotype of typical heroine appearance: short, tiny, and flat-chested. She’s tough and she’s beyond cool. I don’t got much to say except that’s she’s my favorite female character in bleach and as you can see, she’s the only female in this entire list. I suppose that’s saying a lot. She’s also fun to write about, I use her in almost all my bleach fanfics…

Number 2: Kuchiki Byakuya

Omg, I love this man… how can I write this without sound like a complete fan-girl?! (ok, I’m gonna hold myself back *laughs*)

He’s a character with many layers topped with what feels like an unbreakable shell. He starts appearing like a heartless man as Rukia’s execution was at hand when in reality he was torn between loyalty, honor and Hisana’s promise. Underneath it all he is incredibly tender and sweet like the light fragrance of the cherry blooms that represents him so well. He’s also amazing in battle. My favorite match in bleach has to be Byakuya and Ichigo in the first arc… with the Ulquiorra and Ichigo coming second. While Ichigo and Renji go about throwing out their bankai’s like yesterday’s lunch, Byakuya throws his out as a last resort. Which I find pretty admirable. He carries a sense of seriousness and grace at the same time, and jokes that revolve around him are hilarious. Like the one when with Renji when he asked him if he cuts his hair and Bya threw a joke at him which then Renji suddenly realizes it by the end of it all.

He’s just cool in so many ways… that’s all I can say.


Number 1: Kurosaki Ichigo

Must be thinking, “Wah? It isn’t Byakuya?!”

Let me explain.

I usually steer away from protagonists because they tend to be cheesy and hog all the spotlight. And that usually annoys me. I don’t know why. Maybe because I’m such a wallflower… who knows. But that’s what protagonists do. That’s why they’re called protagonists. And lately I’ve been reconciling with that part of me since I’m developing interest in characters like, Kenshin, Gintoki, Hei, and Natsu (which are all main characters, by the way). Ichigo is an interesting character since he’s a person whose very down to earth and surrounded by friends. He’s got his own bitter memories but he isn’t constantly brooding over it. He’s also a big brother and carries his responsibility as the eldest very seriously (I’m the eldest of four so I feel the same way). For some reason he’s different, I just can’t put my finger on it where, but I like him for that reason.

What made me take him as a definite favorite was in the Grand Fisher arc. I got all teary eyed and all and it was definite win for me. I noticed that his scowling face was there for a reason, and the inner conflict he has with is hollow self is also interesting. There’s just a lot to him that’s hard to for me to say that I don’t like him as a character, ya know? I was struggling between him and Byakuya, I like them both as much but I couldn’t tie them first place… Like I had said at the start, they’re all different shapes not sizes. It’s just for the sake of this list, I chose Ichigo because he had been my longest lasting favorite.


And that’s that… My Bleach Top Ten, I’m sorry for making it unbearably long. But when it comes to this anime I’m incredibly chatty. I’m thinking of doing a Naruto list. Doubt it’s going to be as detailed as this one was… creating this post took me two weeks to finish… two weeks and here I am 9:20PM finishing this up… uwah…. too much…


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