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Fanfiction for those who don’t know what it is, it’s a literary work; chapter story, one-shot, poem, drabbles–that are based on works from a popular fandom, be it a movie (Pirates of the Caribbean) a TV show, (Friends, BONES, CSI) and/or an animated series (Simpsons, Naruto) Right now I feel the longest prevailing and the strongest fandom fanfiction writing that I have found is in anime hands-down. There’s even fiction works written for korean pop bands! (That amazed me…)

Surprisingly I feel more comfortable writing fanfiction than original works which is kinda sad, sorta of… ehhh… not so much. I find it more of a practice actually… I have some issues, I usually feel I’m not really good at writing so I spend more time scribbling drafts or just writing anime fanfiction.

Write now, I’m just writing for Bleach, Naruto, and Gintama… because I’m more inspired to write for them right now… and because they’re really popular… (I’d really love to write for others like Pandora Hearts and Final Fantasy though ^_^”)

I have a link to my fanfiction profile on the side bar under my links—>
If ya like to take a little look feel free. I enjoy writing drama, and romance is a biggy. I don’t like to make it too depressing and I like to put in some comedy here and there…

Fanfiction.net (FFnet) is an awesome place. I like the changes they did to it… because before it was a pain in the butt with all those crazy flamers and plenty of users that write pre-schoolish scribbles that my baby cousin compete with in terms of content and grammar…. no seriously… But now, it’s really improved and I really like it now.. It’s been about five months that I jumped into writing again because for a while I was really out of it.

I have lots of plans for my future fics. LOTS. Sometimes I wish that I could write as fast as my mind spews out…

Well, I’m sure you’re wondering if I can walk the walk? I tend to feel guilty when I talk about myself too much… eh

Well here’s a piece of one of my faves “Art of Manipulation“:

Those tiny hands and feet, everything about her was small delicate, fragile, a butterfly, a pixie, a fairy, something not of this earth.

Yes different.

There was something different about her. And his mind was clear now that he could see this difference with his own eyes, feel it with his own heart.

But he couldn’t put it into words.

Kira watched from the distance where he stood, Rukia frozen in her place as Gin reached up to where she stood. He dropped the bags he held, and it fell the ground. Her eyes never leaving his face as his arms went around her…

His fingertips touched the back of her spine causing it to arch upwards, her lips barely parting. Quite forbidding, the thoughts he had of her. Possible enough that things could sadly turned out the same way as they did before when he let himself get dragged by his feelings. At this time, his mind was clouded at the thought of what her fate may be in his hands. Things weren’t so clear anymore.

Bent forward, lips brushing her forehead in a gentle kiss. Rukia’s hands clenched his shirt, tight tense. Her lungs took in all the air it could possibly take and he air was slowly very slowly being brought out. It was so hard to breathe normally around him.

She felt his fingertips dance at her spine trickling up and down in play. His lips trailed as she felt his cold cheek brush against hers lightly as his lips reached her ear.

“Ya must have been so scared, Rukia-chan,”

“What took you so long?! Idiot,” she gasped barely in harsh whisper, “Why didn’t you come back right away? I waited for you! I waited!”

She caught the scent of his body of his sweat, feel the strands of the soft silvery mane tickle her cheeks. Her heart was beating at an uncontrollable rate.

– Chapter 12: Kira Izuru –

As you’ve noticed it’s a Bleach fic with the pairing being Gin/Ruki, crack I know… but I can’t help it… I love them together… in fanfiction that is…

Art of Manipulation (AoM) is set in an alternate plot setting from the anime (AU) And it’s centers around Rukia Kuchiki who works a  secretary for a mental hospital in Karakura running under Urahara Kisuke and Kurotsuchi Mayuri. Gin is an intern whose been watching her with plans of using her to escape. When her life turns from bad to worse, Ichimaru takes advantage of her need of attention to get her to cleverly admit him out and live in her apartment.

Things get out of hand when Rukia starts to discover Gin’s strange “habits” and learns of his “contacts” as well as his “occupation” he has with admired college professor Aizen Sousuke. It was out of Gin’s plans when he starts to fall in love with her… what a mess since he needs her to unlock a secret treasure kepted well hidden in the Kuchiki manor; a place kept under careful watch by her brother Kuchiki Byakuya.

Got you interested? I hope I did. ^_^”

Ugh this post is getting too long… I want to write some more about fanfiction in general but I guess I’ll say more in another post… yeah, that’s what I’ll do. For now I’ll just talk about my own fics

Another one that I like is “Garden Bird

“Neji, let me ask you a question.”

Naruto crossed his arms and closed his eyes, contemplating, “What exactly are your feelings for Hinata? I know that for you it was an arranged marriage prepared by your Uncle Hiashi.”

“Why should that—,”

“Answer it.”

Neji opened the palms of his hands and saw the blood and scars created by his fingernails.

“I…love her.”

Naruto’s hand propped up his chin, watching closely Neji’s expression as it slowly changed.

“I adore, no, I need her. I don’t understand how this happened. I was forced into a marriage with a woman who didn’t love me. Who had always looked down at me from a higher level, passing me feeding me scraps of pity and compassion. I didn’t want it. None of it! I hated her.

Naruto, you don’t know hate. Hate in its most concentrated state. The hate you have seen burn in the eyes of Sasuke Uchiha. Yes, that kind of hate, the one that plunges you into the most profound level of darkness. That is the hatred I felt for Hinata, for my family. It was a long time ago since our match years ago, when my Uncle showed me that letter. Since then, all of that has changed. But that same awkwardness remained. I wasn’t too happy to be tied to her in marriage. And she, she had loved you until the very last night before the wedding, clinging on to the hope that you may change your mind.”


Neji saw Naruto lower his eyes without saying anything.

“But the truth was, I knew nothing about her… And neither do you, Naruto.”

– Chp 3: Doesn’t Matter, I Keep Loving Still –

Garden Bird is a Naruto fic that’s a Neji/Hinata pairing (I’m a HUGE fan of it, sick I know…) I’m trying to make it very emotional and realistic. It’s only three chapters and it’s left at a terrible cliff hanger… I’ve got reviews begging to continue which makes me feel a bit guilty… ugh.. gomen, gomen-ne…

The fic takes place about 6-7 years after Naruto Shippuden ends. The characters are all adults, Naruto, being around 24 yrs of age by chapter 3. The plot references a lot from the currently running manga, (I barely watch the anime nowadays.) Just so you know.

Hinata had long confessed her love to Naruto but he never made a move towards her, instead, he married Sakura Haruno. And they had a daughter together. Hinata, was stuck in an arranged marriage with Neji Hyuuga—-her cousin, not only that, their fathers are twins (making them half-siblings by blood) She was in denial, but eventually they grew close to each other, giving into the circumstances…

But fate wasn’t so kind. Three pregnancies later, Hinata is still childless, their thick family blood unable to render them a normal child. Neji desperate to make her happy, talks to the Rokudaime (Naruto – the 6th hokage) to have sex with her so then she can bear a son.

Problem: Neji is in love with her… he’s not sure of Hinata’s feelings for him even though they’ve been married for four years now!!! What’s the Rokudaime’s decision? Will Neji go through it after all?

Other established parings are: Naruto/Sakura, Shikamaru/Temari, Sasuke/Ino and Lee/Tenten some other pairings and I’m thinking of doing some yaoi fan-service (maybe… idk)

*whisper* Remember, just because they’re established pairings doesn’t mean that it will be the onlypairings that I’ll mess with… muhahahahaha….

Yeah I guess keep it like that…

8 thoughts on “Writing Fanfiction

  1. Wow! I like the Rukia/Gin pairing! I kind of had a thing with Gin, too, so it works out for me! Hahaha! The Hinata/Neji pairing, although I personally like Neji more than Sasuke, I was hoping for a Naruto/Hinata pairing cause I like Hinata more than Sakura, at least in the early stories, before the Shippuden arc. But, wow! Forbidden love! Have you ever heard of the story, The Lady and the Tiger? Neji asking Naruto for help somehow reminded me of it.
    But, I really like the Rukia/Gin story. I’m a sucker for romance with a guy like Gin!

      • Yup, I would like to read it! Of all the characters from naruto and bleach, you chose my second favorites (my main favorites are naruto and ichigo/byakuya). My second are Neji and Gin/Aizen.
        Btw, you mentioned Pandora Hearts? Is it any good? It has an anime and I was thinking of watching it, but I don’t know if it’s any good. I also thought of watching Princess Lover, but I’m tired of harem stories, unless it’s reverse harem, of course.

  2. lol I hope I don’t sound like a stalker but damn, that little Gin/Rukia part got me smiling like a fool haha! It really looks interesting and you really write well. Will read it 🙂

  3. No offense but you are sick.Seriously Gin and Rukia? This is even more nonexistent than Ichigo and Orihime (or IchiHime). Sorry about the negative comment but hey we true Ichiruki fans can’t keep our mouths shut when someone doubts their feelings for each other(talking about Ichigo and Rukia of course). I mean come on Tite Kubo said it himself that they love each other.

    • Eh, you are free to feel anyway you like. That’s fine by me. Gin/Rukia It’s a crack pairing meaning, it’s shipped just because I wanted to, I’m not really going on the basis that it will be canon. IchiRuki is my OTP as well, and I couldn’t care less if I’m not a “true” ichiruki fan just because I ship rukia with other characters–because the thing is, I’m a multishipper, and like to play around with different possible couples because it’s fun to imagine alternate scenarios. I do really hope ichiruki turns out to be canon, though. Right now the manga is showing battles with Ywach and Ichibei. I’m just waiting Ichigo meets with Rukia again ughh!!

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