Thoughts here and there

As of right now, I’m just working on several other things I’d like to write about. But my internet is out so, yeah, I’ll just be writing them in my notebook. I think I’ll be getting it back on by Saturday who knows….

I’m realizing how addicted I am to the internet. My mother has been telling me for the past hour to get off the computer *laughs* ahhh but what can you say… There’s much to do once you discover it right? I’m at a friend’s house right now. So yeah… I miss my computer already. I changed my theme because I doesn’t look well in the Mozilla Firefox browser.

Ahhh I’m so lazy, I feel really lazy. I’m also comtemplating on what I’m going to put on my other pages… maybe some pictures of my sister hamster… he’s so cute, that bastard…


7 thoughts on “Thoughts here and there

  1. Yeah, once I sat in front of the monitor, my family have a hard time getting me out of it!
    Yes, why don’t you put the pic? I wanna see how you cut the hamster’s hair!
    I’m dying of envy right now, coz you can write stories, same with my friend here. She’s been urging me to try but I don’t seem to have the knack?
    Anyway, you have two blogs?

    • Alright! I’ll do it. I’ll put some before and after pics… *laughs*

      It doesn’t hurt to try writing. Try writing a ‘one-shot’. (one-shot is a one chapter story usually way less than a thousand words) Or just write anything that dribbles out of your mind whenever you’re doing absoultly nothing. ^_^”

      “Write just to write” that’s what I believe. Write for the seer sake of just writing, cuz just you feel like it…

      I’m really flattered really… I’m always trying to improve… I guess I’ll try posting pieces of what I write here in my blog.

      And… yes… I have two blogs, because I have no life *laughs* idk, when I signed up on wordpress they gave me the option of having another one… and I said “what the heck, why not?” ehhhh…. but other one, is more weird I guess… idk. This one is my main blog… so yea…

      On the side bar where is saids “other blog(s)” Lady Random is the name of my second blog.

  2. Eh, I think I just spammed here, sowee!
    Anyway, have you read the manga “Angel Densetsu”? You might like it, very funny manga. Drawings are a little so-so, but I think the story makes up for it!

    • I just checked it out two days ago. I’ll read a couple of chapters and see what I think of it. You’re right the art’s not the greatest, but I read that it’s the manga-ka’s first manga… so that’s a good reason why it looks like that…

  3. Hmm, do you know, when you said write whatever that dribbles out of my mind, I sort of have this mental image of me drooling?…Weirdness always come to me when I’m blogging…
    Yeah, why not post some of your stories? What genre are they? Romance, sci-fi, horror? Or do you try all of them? What is harder for you to write? Ahehe, sorry for the questions, I sound like a reporter.
    About writing stories, maybe one day. But for now, I’m just enjoying blogging at the moment. Baby steps, I guess…

    • Yes indeed, baby steps is the way to go. Blogging is fun personally, I love it. You don’t have to plan anything before hand… that’s what I like best. I really love weirdness… especially when something is just random, I find it so entertaining… strange I know…

      I write different kinds of fiction: drama/romance is a biggie not so big on the sci-fi though, and when I try to write horror it only comes off as suspense and/or mystery. I like writing fluff, and comedy as a plus on the side. (although it comes to a point where I run out of jokes to use… and get stuck in a block…)

      I do like to try different types of genre… Because I’m always looking to become a better writer. I use different settings and different protagonists… as well as writing from different points of veiw. Second-person is akward and almost never used so I usually don’t try it; but it’s a very fresh twist when you’re writing comedy and recently I’ve been experimenting with that. First person is the easiest but at the same time the most fustrating for me… because most of the time I want the reader to know that other characters are thinking but you can’t do that with first person.. so I end up switching views and then it starts getting f***ing annoying… Third-person is the best point of view and usually the most used… I find it to be the comfortable, because I’m able to let the reader know everythign that’s going on without the main character knowing diddly-squat which I feel adds to the excitement.

      For me the most hardest genre to write has to be comedy and sci-fi… Comedy, because even though I’m somewhat funny, I have a limit and when I run out… it’s over… That why instead of writing a full blown comedy I just add it as an element in a drama (we know it: comic relief) Sci-fi……. eh… I don’t know that much about it. I didn’t read too much on space travel or all that hi-tech futuristic stuff… only specs here and there, so I’m not comfortable enough to write about it. I really really love that concept of humanoids/androids/perscom kinda things but I get fidgety cuz I don’t know that much… I’d have to research and I’m lazy….

      I don’t mind the questions at all… really *laughs*

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